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Over the last few years, Dulas has worked with developers, utilities and landowners to deliver Aquashear screens throughout the UK and worldwide. In addition, Dulas works with project operators to provide a comprehensive range of operations, refurbishment and performance optimisation services.

Please find below a selection of these projects.

Frastanz Hydro Intake Refurbishment, Austrian Alps

Austria hosts the largest AquaShear installation in the Alps, with screens retro-fitted to the existing intake of the E-Werke Frastanz hydro scheme.

The original bar screen intake and tunnel system were prone to blockage with gravel from glacial melt water, to the extent that the scheme was almost abandoned.

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Multiple Screen Installations, Scotland

Scotland has the bulk of the UK’s hydro capacity and as a consequence Dulas have supplied over 40 AquaShear Coanda screens in the country. As well as small single-screen sites, there are now more than 20 multiple screen intakes, including those for the Glendoe project.

Garrygualach (1,350 l/s) was the first large UK installation, commissioned in 2002. This was nPower’s first Coanda intake, followed in 2004 with Inverbain (1,470 l/s), and Braevallich (several separate intakes totalling 2,370 l/s). 2004 also saw the installation of screens at the privately developed Kinglas hydro scheme (1,820 l/s).

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