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Multiple Screen Installations, Scotland

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Project Overview

Scotland has the bulk of the UK’s hydro capacity and as a consequence Dulas have supplied over 40 Aquashear Coanda screens in the country. As well as small single-screen sites, there are now more than 20 multiple screen intakes, including those for the Glendoe project.

Garry Gualach (1,350 l/s) was the very first large UK installation. This was npower’s first Coanda intake, followed by Inverbain (1,470 l/s), and Braevallich (several separate intakes totalling 2,370 l/s). Dulas also installed Aquashear screens at the privately developed Kinglas hydro scheme (1,820 l/s).



Recent Installations

Douglas Water (2,240 l/s) and River E (1,540 l/s) were installed for npower, with both intakes featuring the fully welded Type AB design for added strength.

The 100MW Glendoe Scheme, also features Aquashear screens at the majority of its fifteen intakes, with a total capacity of over 10,000 l/s.


Recent Projects

Glenmoriston Hydro Schemes

The concurrent installation of two high head run of the river hydro schemes. Allt an Eoin 450kW and Balnacarn 700kW. The schemes include four intakes and a total of 3.5km of ductile iron and PE pipe.

Innerhadden 1.4MW Hydro Scheme, Perthshire

The refurbishment of two intakes on a 1.4MW hydro scheme near Kinloch Rannoch including installation of two new Aquashear Coanda Screen intakes and air valves to improve pipeline performance. The service included full feasibility, consenting, construction, installation and commissioning.


Allt an Eoin, Scotland

Key Features

Capacity: Up to 2,300 litres per second
Screen type: Type C & F
Supplied by: Dulas Hydro

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