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Benefits of Aquashear

Aquashear; low maintenance intake screens for hydro power projects

Boost your hydro power plant's output and reduce maintenance time with Dulas’ innovative Aquashear Coanda intake screens. Our screens can increase the revenue your hydro scheme generates and are designed to significantly reduce time spent on maintenance and to prevent hydro plant equipment blockages. Aquashear screens are designed for fast and simple installation.
We've installed over 300 cumecs of Aquashear screen capacity at more than 500 sites around the world. Here's why our screens are such a popular choice

Self-cleaning intake screens for hydro power projects
Coanda screen in place

Increased output and availability 

Hydro power project owners use Aquashear screens to maximise flow availability and increase revenue.

The intelligent design drastically reduces the likelihood of your scheme suffering blockages caused by silt and other common water debris, which makes it easier to keep your hydro intake running at maximum output.

Reduced maintenance 

Other types of hydro screens need cleaning or scraping several times a day. With an Aquashear coanda screen, you may have to check your equipment once every three or four weeks and they only require occasional brushing.

As well as significantly reducing maintenance time, Dulas’ Aquashear Coanda screens can eliminate the operational costs caused by erosion damage, as well time lost to clearing blockages to pipes and machinery.

Alternative methods of maintaining hydro screen equipment, such as hydraulic cleaning rakes, can be effective but are considerably more expensive. Owners of such equipment also face the issue of treating/disposing of waste material responsibly once it is removed from the screen.

Aquashear coanda screen maintenance

Simple installation 

With no moving parts or power requirement, Aquashear coanda screens are simple and inexpensive to install. A straightforward installation can usually be completed within an hour.

Coanda screens can also make building a new hydro scheme more affordable. Their self-cleaning nature often removes the need for a settling tank, typically one of the biggest capital costs with a new scheme.

Additional benefits

  • Compliant with environmental regulations
  • Fish-friendly
  • Operational at very low temperatures without freezing
Leaping fish in a river
Self-cleaning intake screens for hydro power projects

Performance specification

  • High capacity of 140 l/s per linear metre of screen width for full-height screens
  • Excludes all silt and debris particles above 1mm diameter and most particles down to 0.5mm
  • Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel (or 316 grade for marine applications)
  • Manufactured in UK under ISO 9001 quality control
  • Half and quarter-height screens available for reduced head loss
  • Available in four sizes to suit the applicant

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