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About Aquashear

About Dulas' Aquashear Coanda Screens

Aquashear hydro screens are manufactured in the UK and installed at sites around the world, often in extreme conditions and harsh environments. They are low-maintenance, self-cleaning hydro intake screens with no moving parts.

Dulas' hydro coanda screens
Wedgewire Coanda screens

How our coanda screens work

The screen is mounted on the downstream face of an intake weir. Water passes on to the screen via a specially designed acceleration plate, which provides an even distribution of flow and an increase in the water velocity.

As the water moves down the steep face of the screen at high velocity, all excluded silt and debris is flushed away to continue downriver. The abstracted water passes through the screen and collects below in a chamber connected to the pipeline or intake channel.

The screen's design means that only clean water can enter the intake system, while debris such as leaves, twigs and even fish eggs are excluded. The excluded debris remains in the river, eliminating any need to dispose of waste material.


How our screens are made

Aquashear Coanda screens are made from stainless steel. They consist of precisely positioned, finely spaced horizontal wedge wires built into a carefully designed screen.

The high capacity of the screen is achieved through a combination of two things: the Coanda effect (the tendency of fluid to cling to a surface) and the shear produced by the hydraulically sharp edges of the wedge wire.



Dulas' hydro coanda screens

Is an Aquashear screen right for my hydro project?

Aquashear Coanda screens work best when installed in medium to high head hydro power schemes. We’d love to discuss your project so contact us today to assess how suited Coanda screens would be to your scheme.

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